We say "No Weigh" at Yay!

Sample our flavors and select your size, then tell us what to do next! Any combination of flavors, and toppings - and if you think there's a little more room... don't be afraid to say "just another dab of frozen yogurt and a few sprinkles, please!"

We charge by the cup, not weight,
so let us be generous!

Frozen Yogurt with a View!

Take a break from your Old Town experience without ever losing touch with the sights and sounds - enjoy your treat to a serenade from the soothing trickle of our waterfall.

We're mmmmore than a FroYo store! Enjoy a hot cup of coffee, a light lunch, or other fountain treats!

Flavors & Toppings

We always have eight flavors, and the selection may vary from day to day, but you can count on familiar favorites like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry Banana, and we frequently feature delights such as Pomegranate Raspberry, Coffee, Coconut, Salted Caramel, Mango, and Cake Batter. We aren't afraid to try something new... are you?

Click here for more details on flavors and toppings!

You will also see plenty of choices if you are staying away from gluten, fat, or added sugar!

Location Map